What is Boxtronic

Waste Monitoring Platform with IoT technology.

About us

In boxtronic ™ we contribute for cities to improve the operating performance of services garbage collection, optimizing them, integrating technology with the various elements of the collection service and administration, allowing know variables such as filling containers or location accurate collection vehicles.


boxtronic ™ is the union of two companies that own human capital and know-how in technology, container collection and industrialization.

Boxtronic benefits.

Real-time measurements and the state of filling the containers, allow to create a collection plan intelligently based on the actual history of trash.

We optimize time collection, cleaning, waste collection and treatment thanks to the powerful platform Boxtronic.

We contribute to that cities improve operational performance of collection services by optimizing them, integrating technology with human resources, generating less maintenance of containers, vehicles and public roads.

The powerful platform Boxtronic, saving more than 40%: Less pickups, fewer vehicles, less fuel costs, lower cost of cleaning, lower CO2 emissions, reduced labor time, intelligent collection, track vehicles, etc ..

40% savings in processes

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