Services & How It Works


Boxtronic platform is a software contralada staying in the Cloud and allows you to set parameters regardless of the size or type of container. It's simple to customize and soon will operate the dashboard for monitoring and administration.


The State Control Panel, lets see what happens on the map at all times. Notifies operators, collectors and collection system administrators and cleaning.

Geolocation and Maps

All our sensors have geolocation allowing monitor at all times each container, using satellite and vector maps visualizing what happens in the city.

Time Optimization

We optimize time collection, cleaning, waste collection and treatment thanks to the powerful platform that manages Boxtronic and generate a smart collection plan integrating all monitoring processes and human resources.

Measurements and Reports

We contribute to that cities improve operational performance of collection services by optimizing them, integrating technology with human resources generating less maintenance of containers, vehicles and public roads. Thanks to reports and history of each container can create strategies to implement new zones or social containers. Measure and run.

Cloud & M2M

All Boxtronic platform uses technology based on cloud and IoT, this allows you to expand regardless of the number of sensors or want to install as infrastructure, we will take care containers.